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Are your papers on the list? It is very helpful for us if you check this point regularly.

Currently, only a web page keeper, Tomotoshi Nishino is in charge of this site. Every morning (or evening), he accesses, and search key word such as DMRG, Renormalization, Entropy, Fidelity, Density, etc. from the abstract. After finding out preprints in this way, he reads tytle of most of the preprint listed in arXive again from the top to the bottom, or sometimes looks at authors. Articles detected in this primitive way is listed during the day. If he finds some articles great!, he puts red color. Thus the coloring is just based on his preference and ability of understanding the ingredients. Not a small numbers of articles, which should be listed in red color, are listed in normal color, just because Nishino could not read them through or could not understand the issue by lack of inteligence.

Increase of submitted articles to arXive makes it difficult to search all the articles, and therefore about 20 percent of articles related to the DMRG-world are overlooked and missing from the list. To fix this error as much as one can, now the key word search in from whole part of the articles is employed. Since this is an enormous task, this fixing is done annually or monthly. Now the key word is only DMRG, and other words such as TERG/TRG, MERA, TNS, TEBD, PEPS would be used in future, if the web page keeper would have enough time and energy. There are certain numbers of published articles that do not appear as arXive preprints. These papers and chapters of books are also listed, if tyey are detected somehow.

Nishino can access the web server only from the university he is working now. Thus during while he is traveling or sick in bed, this listing task is stopped. If you have any comments or suggestions about this web page, please do not hesitate to send e-mails to the following address.

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Thanks in advance.

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