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Plenary Talks:

H. Katsura (Gakushuuin Univ.) Inhomogeneous but solvable/integrable models
I. Maruyama (Osaka Univ.) Boundary Matrix of Uniform Matrix Product State
H. Matsueda (NCT Sendai) Scaling Property in Entanglement Entropy and Geometric Structure of Space Time
S. Nakamura (Kyoto Univ.) An introduction to AdS/CFT correspondence for non-specialists
T. Nishino (Kobe Univ.) What can be solved by Entanglement, What cannot be
M. Oshikawa (ISSP, Tokyo Univ.) Topological phases and entanglement spectra
T. Takayanagi (IMPU, Tokyo Univ.) Ads/CFT Correspondence and Entanglement Entropy

Oral Talks

K. Fujii (Osaka Univ.) Computational Power and Correlation in Quantum Computational Tensor Network
K. Harada (Kyoto Univ.) Entanglement Renormalization Group for Triangular Lattice Models
S. Ichinose (Shizuoka Pref. Univ.) Renormalization Group Approach to Casimir Force in Substance
T. Morimae (Univ. Paris Est) Quantum Computation of Tensor Networks - String-net Condensate -
K. Okunishi (niigata Univ.) Wilson NRG and Holographic RG
M. Orii (Osaka Univ.) Tensor Network for Spin Systems and Effects of Projection
M. Sato (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) Gapless edge modes and their stability in two-dimensional antiferromagnets
N. Shiba (Osaka Univ.) Entanglement entropy of two spheres
M. Suzuki (Tokyo Univ. of Sci.) Treatment of RVB and Entanglement by TFD
H. Ueda (Osaka Univ.) Incommensulate Matrix Product State for Low-dimensional Spin Systems

** Currently accepting oral presentations.

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