Condensed Matter Theory + Quantum Information Group

Our gate is open for anyone who hopes to study condensed matter physics in our group.
If you are interested in (post-) doctoral study/research here in Kobe, please look at the
following web pages.

Official information about Entrance Examinations

Staying at Kobe University

PostDoctral Research: If you will get ph.D soon, or you got it during the last 6 years, you
can apply to the JSPS fellowship. ( Fellowship for Post Doctral Study) I recommend to read
these explanations first to capture the system. If one is nominated by a foreign authority,
things became easier. Be sure that one has to fill several pages of research plan to apply
for this grant. We have experiences of accepting PDs through this JSPS subsidy.

Further important notes on the application for the fellowship:
(1) Acceptance probability is not high. We recommend applicants to try several times.
(2) To establish collaboration BEFORE the application is important. It is better to list
publications under collaboration on the application form.
Condensed Matter Theory + Quantum Information Group