Collaboration with Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) [Top]

TV, Video, Media:

2014.3.27: on the 2nd ch. of RTVS.


2001.11.27 - 2003.11.26: @Andrej Gendiar (Stay at Kobe Uni. as JSPS PD.)

2006. 1. 8 - 1.31: Andrej Gendiar (Visit Kobe Univ.)

2006. 5.23 - 6. 4: Rene Derian (Visit Kobe Univ.)

2006.11.14 - 11.30: Andrej Gendiar, Roman Krcmar (Visit Kobe Univ.)

2010. 2.12 - 3. 3: Lee Yoju (Visit SAS)

2010. 4. 4 - 5. 1: Andrej Gendiar (Visit Kobe Univ.)

2010.10.26 - 11. 2: Andrej Gendiar (Visit Kobe Univ.)

2011.11.22 - 12. 5: Andrej Gendiar, Michal Daniska (Visit Kobe Univ.)

2012. 7.29 - 8.10: Tomotoshi Nishino (Visit SAS)

2012.11.30 - : Roman Krcmar (Stay at Kobe Uni. as JSPS PD.)

2013. 11.15 - 11.30: Andrej Gendiar (Visit Kobe Univ.)

2015. 3.31 - 4.13: Andrej Gendiar (Visit Kobe Univ.)

Meeting in third countries:

1998. 8.24 - 9.18: Andrej Gendiar, Tomotoshi Nishino (DMRG @ Dresden)

2004. 8. 2 - 8.13: Andrej Gendiar, Tomotoshi Nishino (DMRG @ Leiden)

2008. 9.20 - 9.25: Andrej Gendiar, Tomotoshi Nishino (Discussion @ Aachen)

2012. 9.22 - 9.25: Andrej Gendiar, Michal Daniska, Tomotoshi Nishino (QISM2012 @ Innsbruck)

2014. 8.23 - 9.15: Andrej Gendiar, Jozef Genzor, Tomotoshi Nishino (TensorNetwork @ Benasque)

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